Chris Lonsberry Media | About

"One of the hardest things about developing a photographic style (and this is true of writing, as well) is narrowing my focus. I want to shoot everything with wheels and/or wings. And the people who use them. And the places they go."

I've discovered so many passions over the years including planes, trains and exploring new places. But when I started riding motorcycles, it wasn't just a passion. It became a part of me, giving me a deeper desire to discover new places. And for the whole time, I was taking pictures and writing in one form or another.

My reputation and my work continues to grow. I have been on staff at Carolina Chrome Magazine. I've also had several articles and pictures in The Horse Backstreet Choppers Magazine, giving me national exposure. I have photography credits on The Charlie Horse Dialog DVD, a documentary stemming from the Smokeout Bike Rally. I was "the" photographer for a local riding club for some time. Motorcycle photography spills over into so many disciplines.. landscape.. travel.. portraits.. product photography.. motorsports and more.

I've never been one to just settle for "good enough". I always want to tell a better story, whether it's through pictures or writing. And I'm always looking for the opportunity to tell another one, whether it's magazine articles/photos, travel or what have you. I'd love to talk to you about your project... your story.