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Is It Time To Jump Ship?

October 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

IMG_7888IMG_7888     When I was a child, I remember lusting over the Canon AE-1 whenever I saw the ad in a magazine. What can I say? For as long as I can remember, I've liked gadgets and photography. Gadgets that do photography? I had no power against that. Some things never change. I'm still a picture taking dweeb. The difference is that I can afford those gadgets now. Sometimes.

    I've been a Canon shooter for decades. (Man, has it been that long?)  I own a point and shoot Nikon Coolpix that I don't use anymore. That replaced an Olympus point and shoot. Both of these cameras were my "riding" cameras. I used them on the bike and, if I dropped them on the highway at high speeds, it wouldn't break my heart. But for "real" photos and video, I've used Canon since I got rid of my Kodak point and shoot a very, very long time ago.

    I love my Canon DSLRs! More importantly, I've put time and effort into knowing how to get them to do what I want them to do. I know how to get around the menus. I know the settings. I know those cameras. Like any aspect of camera gear, learning it well enough to know how and when to use it well is invaluable. I've taken some pretty decent pictures with those cameras and I expect to take a lot more. Even better ones. But I've run into several situations where I need a faster, professional lens. My cheap "kit" lenses take great photos but they have limitations. They're not as capable in lower light situations, they're not as sharp as a pro lens and there are some other issues a pro lens would correct. Unfortunately, professional lenses are EXPENSIVE.

_MG_7163_MG_7163     I've done the research and I know which lenses I want to get. My plan is to get the new Tamron 24-70mm G2, the Tamron 70-200mm and the Tamron 150-600mm for a long zoom. For a wide angle, I haven't decided between the Tamron 15-30mm and the Tokina 11-20mm. I'll likely have to rent both of them from and see which one I like more. But that's not happening too soon. Financial reasons. Lack of financial, mostly. It's around $5,000 worth of glass.

    Before the angelic song had died down over what an amazing camera Sony's A9 was, Canon released the 6DMarkII to an underwhelmed world. Their full frame camera didn't do 4K video. There was a lot of talk about a lack of dynamic range. There was only one memory slot. And the list of lacking features went on. I'm a Canon fanboy and even I thought some of the reactions sounded like a stretch. "You don't buy a DSLR for video so what difference does a lack of 4K make?" Well.. none, if everyone else wasn't doing it. In a competitive market, you have to compete. I love my Canons. And I'd love to have a 6DMII because it would be a step up. But not enough to buy one.

    And then Nikon came out with the D850. It was later than expected. I can't help but think that someone inside Nikon saw what happened with Canon and determined that they were NOT going to release the camera until it rocked. As it was, Nikon does photos really, really well. And the Nikon D850 looks like an absolutely amazing camera. I covet. A lot.

IMG_7872IMG_7872     So I'm at the juncture where I'm about to sink a lot of money into lenses for the Canon. OR... I could switch to Nikon. Or Sony, for that matter.

    I've lived through the Mac vs. PC battle. I use both. I know I'm dating myself but I survived the Beta vs. VHS war. I still say Beta was better but the public spoke. I chose my side in the HDDVD vs Blu-ray debate. Luckily, my HDDVD player plays regular DVDs. And now I'm dragged into the Canon vs. Nikon vs. Sony clash. Now would be the perfect time to jump to the current clear winner. But, in spite of my track record, I'm sticking with Canon. Here's why..

    I can use those pro lenses on my current cameras without buying an amazing (and expensive) new camera.. like the Nikon D850. I don't have to relearn a menu system on a camera I have no experience with, even if the camera is awesome. But the main reason that I'm going to go ahead and get those Canon lenses is that I have to believe that Canon realizes that no one was really raving about their new cameras. I hope they realize that they have step up their game or professional photographer are going to jump ship like it's the S.S. Minnow. Some of them already are. Sure, the fanboys will hold on for as long as they can. But how many professional photographers are shooting on Polaroid? As a company, you keep up or people move on. But the concept of Canon no longer having a viable professional camera market is so completely mind-boggling to me that I want to invoke the concept of "too big to fail". That's why I think the next run of Canons will be absolutely killer. If not for photographers, then for the stockholders. But they will rock. 4K video? I hope so.. and full 4K. Not that crop nonsense. A billion focus points? Well, maybe not that many. Two memory card slots? Mmm.. wouldn't that be nice, especially if it was fast memory. One shot HDR? Ridiculous dynamic range? One can hope. How about some new stuff like a curved sensor? Advanced signal-to-noise?

  IMG_0682IMG_0682   Of course, I could be horribly wrong. They could tank their professional camera line altogether. It would be such a huge shift in the pro photography landscape that it's almost inconceivable. Still.. Canon is just a company in a competitive space. Time will tell but I'll roll that dice and bet that the next Canons are going to be impressive. Either way, I'll be a Canon shooter for a while longer.

    What do you think? Will Canon come back swinging?





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