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It Was A Cold Ride To Work

January 26, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

    I rode in this morning.. tears streaming down my face. At first, it was really cold out but that subsided fairly quickly. It always concerns me a bit when that happens because I'm never sure if I'm just losing all sensation. But.. so far, so good. Now that it had "warmed up" a bit, I was fairly comfortable and my thoughts turned from how cold I was to how it was going to look when I showed up at work with my tears glistening on my face.

    I could certainly just point out that cold air being blown in your eyes tends to make them water like crazy. The sunglasses help but they're hardly airtight. But that explanation would be far too normal. I like to leave them thinking.. or at least shaking their heads... so I decided that I would go with, "Just because I'm a biker doesn't mean I don't have a sensitive side.".. maybe adding a sniffle just to drive the point home.

    Sure, I could manage a sniffle. Maybe two. I almost made the mistake of turning my head to look to the side. When you're flying down the road on a motorcycle and have a runny nose, you want to avoid turning your head as much as possible. That doesn't end well. It's something we'll all learn pretty quickly but.. sometimes.. I just don't think about it before I do it.

    But I found my thoughts moving past the watering eyes, runny nose and cold 65 (or so) mph wind and started thinking that I'm just happy to be riding. At our age, as we come into what many would think of as the leisurely part of our lives, we probably shouldn't be out there shredding it up. But deep down inside, where logic, the physical body and the onslaught of time aren't even allowed, I don't know of any other place I'd rather be than on a motorcycle going down a cold road early in the morning. Old age can kiss my shivering backside. I have no intention of going quietly!

    Besides.. days like this make me appreciate the warm, perfect days all the more. Everything has its place. Even the cold days.

    Ride safe and often!


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