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Two Cents: Facebook Group Endurance Tests

April 21, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Good morning! Yes... you!

When I started this blog, my intention was three-fold...

  1. To force me into writing. They say that the more you write, the more fluid you become. Thoughts and ideas flow like water off a duck's back. Who doesn't like ducks? So why not?
  2. To give potential employers a place to go read what I write in hopes that I might get some jobs that actually pay me to write. Proving to them that I can be coherent for moderately long stretches and use spellcheck without getting hurt.
  3. To give me a place to gather my thoughts for that "someday" book.

My hope here was to write full-length chapters centering on motorcycles and the love thereof. Travel. Adventure. Deep emotional revelations. Unfortunately, those don't come everyday so the blog tends to be a little stagnant. I expanded to talking about anything I have to talk about... as long as it was of some length. Yet I'm finding that I'm posting things out on social media while my blog waits patiently by as the virtual dust settles on it like new fallen snow in April. So..

I've decided that I'm going to take all that stuff and create "Two Cents". Just my thoughts on things that, until now, haven't made it to the blog. And in that spirit...

I was rolling through looking at some Facebook groups that I was interested in joining... most of them being closed or private groups. And after the 4th or so questionnaire, I found myself getting a little testy.

Q. Why do you want to join this group?
A. Why did you want to start this group?

or.. one of my personal favorite responses.. the simple, yet elegant.. "I'm lonely"

Q. Do you agree to follow the rules?
Wouldn't answering 'no' here be counter-intuitive? "Nope. You should just kick me out now!"  Well, Mr. Jones, everything looks good on your resume. Can you tell us a little about why you want this position? "Sure. Because I'm going to be a problem from day one. I'm going to be disruptive and you'll be firing me within a week."

There's the group that has the introduction in all caps. Two things they're lacking.. lower case letters and punctuation. Maybe THAT's what I bring to the group.
"Why are you yelling at me before I even join? Even the Army waited until afterward."

You know, if they were my groups, I'd be asking questions that made no difference at all.

Q. Are you left handed?

Q. Pot-A-to? Or Pot-AH-to?

Q. Smooth? Or Crunchy?

Q. Over the roll? Or under the roll? (although.. that's a dumb question. Nobody would choose 'under'.. but I'd ask it anyway. Maybe in all caps to scare the snot out of them.)

Or I'd ask hard sounding questions with no real answer...

Q. Paraphysical charge? Or subliminal frequency vibration?

<sigh> At least all the people in my group would have a sense of humor. Be safe out there!

- Chris


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